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Shreya Shukla
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Yes, Every woman has the right to remain fat. This is an awesome book written by Virgie Tovar. If a girl has no problem with her physical appearance or physique then no one else should have it. A woman is gorgeous therefore her curves should not be an issue.
We all are aware of the fact that girls are judged on many factors and physique is one of them. The most used sentence for them is “Oh my God, who’ll marry her? She is so fat! How is she going to deliver after marriage?” etc?. In today’s world, which is changing every day our patriarchal mentality is still the same. People don’t even realise what someone feels or go through when body-shaming is done. It lowers self-confidence to such an extent that a woman starts doubting her looks, stops choosing western dresses because she thinks it might make her look terrible and stresses herself all the time. She avoids meeting people because of the fear that she’ll be calculated. It is harassment not physical but mental. It is unacceptable!. I know that being fit is crucial for a healthy and happy life but no one should be pressurized by awful remarks. According to me, “Beauty is not what you see, it’s what you feel through the actions or behaviour of an individual”. It doesn’t matter whether a woman is slim, thick, dark, light, short, tall, what matters is her soul.
I think that women are the most beautiful creatures in this world and hence it hardly matters of what size they are. A women’s inner strength, attitude and the way she carries herself is simply what she needs to look impressive and not her physique. I would conclude with one of my favourite quotes by Nora Ephron-
“Above all be the heroine of your own Life”