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Afshan Iqbal
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Feminism is a concept that was not prominent before the beginning of this century. It was a topic that remained impermissible for many years. However, the scenario changed, the importance of feminism emerged in society. Women became more empowered and fearless, now they are aware of their rights and can raise their voices. After a long battle for entitlement and equality, women found acknowledgment in society. Women are to this day playing a remarkable role in society as a politician, entrepreneurs, socialists, administrators, economists, and they are proactive in all their other duties as well. Men have started to accept women’s pivotal role in building a better environment whether in the workplace or at home. The stigma around issues like menstruation, widow remarriage, and many other illogical beliefs have been broken. While women across the world continue to break the shackles that hamper their growth, society also accepts their stand. These accomplishments occurred by the coming of feminism which granted women their rights, gave them voice and freedom to study, work and stand shoulder to shoulder with men in all aspects.
Earlier, women did not have liberty and freedom, they have to face numerous issues like lack of education, gender discrimination, gender pay gap, dowry-related problems, domestic violence, etc. Since the arrival of Feminism, the portrayal of women has changed drastically. Society has become more pragmatic towards gender equality and is taking efforts to make a positive space for women in the community.
Feminism to a great extent brought a substantial change in women’s life. It was able to give women their well-deserved position, removed stereotypical norms, and gave women equal importance in society. There is no denying that sexism, misogyny, and pseudo-feminism persist even in the modern world but unless there are people who believe and encourage feminism, it will continue to impact the masses and hopefully bring an essential difference in society.