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Elizabeth cady is one of the known and famous women who have fought in the early women rights movement and she began in the year 1805, she is known for her efforts in the declaration of sentiments for Seneca falls she began this movement in the USA, Elizabeth cady Stanton throughout her life working for upgrading the status of women and providing them equal rights. She was an active feminist. She also played her role in advocating the liberalized divorce laws and she also gets women legal laws for women. Elizabeth cady met Susan’s. Anthony at Seneca fall where she has taken the convention, they both become friends for life because they both have the same vision of women’s rights. As Elizabeth cady was a mother of seven children because of that reason she was not able to travel and give speeches but she also was a writer so she wrote most of the Anthony speeches. Elizabeth dead before 18 years women were granted the right of voting but she has given remarkable contributions and she is still an inspiration for all. Elizabeth cady Stanton 1854 “address to the legislature at New York “which benefit the women to pass married woman property law of 1860 which was related to providing the right to women to own a property, can engage in business, and can be the joint parents of their child. She helped in writing the declaration of sentiments, which kind of helped in leading out the women’s rights.