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Fat is truly a feminist issue because in our society people offend judge the person by their body shape, size and also by the skin tone. Feminism is all about serving equality for all the genders and in that activist are raising their voice against fat feminist issue and trying to make people understand that fat people should be treated equally without any discrimination or comparison. At workplace, fat people are also not getting an opportunities because of the judgment and body shape they don’t get chance to proof themselves or to have an opportunity. Instead People need to see their hardwork and talent to give an opportunity rather than judging by their body image like fat/ thin this thing is still going. There will very few of the companies who gives the equal opportunities and equal pay by seeing their talent and hardwork. We can also see that fat people are not treated equally like others, they always faces comparison. Because people has the mentality that being fat is such an issue or problem in our society. Because of the television and movies fat people usually thinks alot about their body image due to which they thinks alot and that causes stress to their mind. But fat people more gets affects from the discrimination and unfair treatment that other people does with them. This thing need to get change and society need to treat every person equally without making comparison or discrimination.