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Manpreet Singh
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As we live in the 21st century, where we have designed robots for our bids, there is still one part where progress is still quite short—equality between men and women. Whilst the world may have gone three miles forward since the period of the World Wars, society has stayed in some respects anchored on the spot, as many are abominable about the whole thought that a woman may match a man. Women are confronted every day, either at work or even at home, with the barrels of booming sexism. By the way, we talk, we are monitored and graded by the number of words we know. While women increasingly uphold and demand their social rights—both virtually and physically—the truth is that women are, even today, not so much respected or recognized on the professional front as their homemakers. In the sports industry, this is especially the case. It has been dominated and reserved for men for too long, justifying that “women are not actually involved in sports that much.” The superficial value of this reality, rant and forget is easy to accept as an observer. But it isn’t simply a matter of acceptance, forgiveness, and forgetting for women who must suffer this on a daily basis. You are in the everlasting struggle for your place in the industry, one that is your natural right and nothing of it is simple. Women athletes are aimed, as they are in the streets, at the field. Women are seen as commodities that show themselves for men’s pleasure and not as persons with talent and potential, from coaches to commentators to the audience. Even the highest sites and famous names can be found at this level of sexism. Many successful women’s athletes have claimed that the crowds are screened, just as they are recognized. Jwala Gutta, an international badminton player, and 14-time national championship winner talked of staking on numerous public platforms at this point in the ‘beauty vs. sport’ event.