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Manpreet Singh
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Almost all have an opinion about the appearance of a woman’s outfit. Many people have this misunderstanding to attract attention from ladies. I can say women like to dress up for themselves as a woman. From the length of her skirt, from the height of her heels to the shade of her nail paint – women are judged by their appearance in people’s minds and minds. The problem is that without being judged a woman can wear no clothing. People want to comment, ‘Look at the girl wearing red clothing. What a seeker of attention!’ The styles and tastes of many people are varied. Everyone has the freedom to speak out and some individuals dress up to do that. Certain people don’t. Certainly, someone may have a different style than you are, but that doesn’t make you any less than you are. Let me clarify that women enjoy dressing up, not anyone else. You see next time a woman has something you don’t love, just look away. You don’t like it, perhaps, but she will. We need to focus rather than concentrate on what a woman is wearing. It appears a general problem that people evaluate women because their attire doesn’t meet anyone’s notion of what is “appropriate.” If you are a woman, at some point in your life you probably had this happen to you. It begins early, school clothing standards are considered undesirable since it is too distracting for the setting of the school. And from there it just goes on. You might not like the way a lady dresses, but she might love her personality. When a woman judged what she wears, they seemed to have gotten rid of nasty cough individuals. We should never judge a woman by her clothing. And remember what Collins said, ‘Judge the book never by the cover until you have read the pages between the book.’ And remember what Bryant Collins said. Yeah, that’s very true, a lady has so much more than she’s wearing.