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Feminism is one of the historic movements for getting liberty and equal rights for every human being. Feminism has a positive impact on society. feminism put a light on gender status and get the right values and they got women voting right election. They raise questions against the patriarchy and beliefs which are forced on women to follow. they upgraded the level of society and change their mindset. Many feminists came together to fight against sexism in society, a voice against the gender pay gap in the workplace. Also, male members of the society started supporting women now the scenario of feminist is very acknowledgeable in some developed nations and progress are happening in other parts of the nation at the fast pace people are open up about feminists and they proudly say they are feminists and they have equal respect for every gender. Many couples are using feminists’ ideology in their married relationship now the house responsibility burden does not fall, one person, both are equally involved in managing. Still, there are anti-feminist who are promoting a very wrong mindset that women are using feminism for the wrong reason. Some countries are proud that no more male dominance in society. feminism has shaped the women expectation and now women want to stand on their legs and be independent, behind all these feminisms has made possible. But sadly, still, there are women who are trap in the society there is being suppressed, feminists still need to work for these women ‘s rights and authorities.