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We require a more effective system to address teenage pregnancy government and private hospitals need to take some effective steps regarding this. the teenage pregnancy can be very complicated and not easy, even a girl has the pressure how will everybody react and how would she manage everything, mostly teenage pregnancy is unplanned. Even if a woman and her partner are not financially stable then it can bring a lot of problems and complications. Even not all offices provide paid pregnancy leave. Even according to research teenage women who are accepting get problems related to the body so good care and timely consultation from the doctors require which will help to do everything. Couples should not take decisions in enthusiasm because it can create problems in the future every aspect should be discussed. College should keep awareness programs so teenagers get information and they can get a clear decision. Even UN women organization is taking efforts to end child marriage. UNFPA estimated that more than 10 million women get pregnant in teenage in our country, this number needs to decrease, the government should come up with policies. In rural areas it is taught to teenage women having a baby is god’s blessing so we should keep the blessing instead of asking them are ready for lifetime responsibility, the reason behind it is illiteracy, following religious norms, patriarchy. Some women get pregnant twice back-to-back which is nothing. An effective system will help and it should be present in every region of our country, so women don’t need to travel long distances being pregnant.