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Women are expected to display marital status because they should get fit in traditional society, which validates women marital status that they should show they are married by wearing mangal sutra, sindoor and chuda and also put Mrs before her name all the marital adornment which society expects also many do this because it is followed from years and it is culture if women do not display their marital status than society thinks she is disrespecting her husband and also their marriage relationship. When a woman is married everybody questions about her career Does their family allows them it’s her life marriage is not the end of a women’s career that people need to understand sometimes married women cannot display their marital status every time. In Indian traditional society, if a woman is part of this, they will question every decision that she makes after getting married most of the decisions would not get the case of men everything they live as they wish to. I think we should give women the right to decide whether she wants show marital status or not because she is not committing a crime by not displaying her marital status. Behind this all-patriarchal system, which is continuing till now women need to face it, even some community people in any social gathering they call married women not by their name but by Mrs. from their husband surname. Change the mindset of the people if any women are not comfortable, they should just get validation from the society.