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Abortion is something that happens due to many reasons in that female foetus is also the reason of the abortion of girl child. There are still people who does abortion of female foetus because of the mentality and gender biased. As per the research, some years before police used to see the dead foetus on the road side this was the situation people does with female foetus which is not acceptable. We all know that abortion happens due to surrogacy, pregnancy complications, miscarriage and more. But female foetus is also the reason of getting increased number of cases about 30% to 40% pregnancies leads to abortion. In some cases, If women get pregnant before marriage that leads to abortion of child which is wrong if you don’t want the child than both should have knowledge about how to avoid pregnancy atleast unborn child will not faces from death. In villages, abortion of girl child is high because they think girl child is stigma for them. And people used to ask doctor forcefully to know the gender due to which it causes abortion of the child, in many cases women are forcefully asked to abort the child against women’s decision. Pregnant women need to take care of herself very carefully to avoid complications in their pregnancy because many of the cases of complications and not taking proper treatment also leads to abortion and death of unborn child. Their should be strict rules and regulations for abortion in case of emergency or pregnancy complications.