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Manpreet Singh
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When are we not hearing women’s experiences of sexual violence, menaces, abuse, random assaults on strangers and loved ones? How many times did we look away and “normal” them? Don’t you believe that the time has come for women to learn how to protect themselves — now more than ever! Let’s shut down this female day by studying the art of self-defense, all those who see women as weak. Self-defense is primarily important to women so that they can protect themselves from anything unacceptable for social behavior. There is nothing more empowering than trust to analyze and take steps to overcome a perilous situation. It enables women to lead a healthy and satisfying life by enabling them to deal autonomously with stressful and dangerous situations. It promotes discipline that transfers to all other life domains.

It enables women to be calmer, more flexible, more responsive than reactive, more watchful, and enhance cognitive awareness. You ought not to be expected to travel with a partner just because you are a woman. It makes you autonomous, helps you protect yourself in every situation. This is what mastering self-defense does. Self-defense programs, too, are a pleasant method to practice and build a healthy physique, boosting physical fitness. When women are empowered to combat discrimination and sexism, crimes against women can be significantly curtailed. In the scary possibility that you face someone who may hurt you, you will have the potential to protect yourself and can buy enough time to move away to safety. This wellspring of freedom opens up for women in an imperfect society to self-defense. Building confidence in the ability of physical resistance permits women in potentially risky locations to be better able and more at peace because of their knowledge of the right ways to prevent an assailant.