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In early 1960s second wave feminism was started which lasts for two decades and it was the time of feminist activity. Second wave feminism was led by Betty Friedan’s who is American feminist writer and Activist. Second wave focuses on women rights, equality towards women, reproductive rights and second wave also focuses on issues like domestic violence, marital rape, custody, divorce through this wave they bring changes in laws of custody and divorce due to which women will get help to have child’s custody and getting divorce instead of suffering from harassment and violence. In march 1968, Journalist Martha Lear bought the term second wave feminism Article into common jargon in New York Times Magazine. In 1960, the use of birth control has passing the approval from food and drug administration. Liberal Feminists creates the workshops to support and raise their voice against violence and trying to focusing the attention of society towards issues of venereal diseases and women should have safe abortion whereas radical feminists are making awareness amid sexually active women. Second wave feminism has strongly takes stand for violence against women at home and workplace like Physical violence and sexual assault. Greater educational equality happens due to women’s educational equity act of 1972 and 1974. In 1970, Title x was known as health and family planning. Second wave feminism also raise the issue of black women how races are been barrier between women’s opportunities. There are three key features of second wave feminism are oppression, difference, liberation. Second wave feminism was successful because it has change many lives of women and this movement has develop in many positive ways.