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Yes, black women have face biasness at the workplace they have to face discrimination for getting hired but this is very wrong thinking that just because of their black skin we are not allowing them to do any work with us. they have to receive less income than other and white people behave rudely with them and change their articles and tries to help them. they cannot get a chance to be part of the entertainment industry or get a role in movies or commercials just because they are black. This racist behavior is going on for decades now which is not accepted. Small children to adult to old black people have to face this in society so the government needs to address this that they are also human beings we cannot just be unkind to them. people do vulgar comments on their social handles if they are any model and actor these effects their image even when any sports player, they are always made fun of by calling them gorilla and crow face what is this attitude what is wrong with them are they not talented or they have not blessed with anything less than which whites are blessed with. We should stop this company should hire them seeing their talent and skills not their complexion or criticize for not doing work at time stop this biasness include them in society every stand with them black stop this biased behavior whenever it happens Infront of you. We all are humans so we don’t forget this. #black lives matter.