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Manpreet Singh
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Frida departed from the usual representation of women’s beauty in art but decided to express crude and honest situations faced by so many women. Her topics covered abortion, maltreatment, birth, and breastfeeding, which are generally regarded as fabulous, and are totally overlooked by many women. Frida once claimed that she’s the “most direct expression in myself” of her self-portraits, and she also sheds light on women’s experiences. Frida had suffered enormously all through her life; polio at the age of six, with the spine Bifida, and then an almost deadly car accident at the age of 18, leaving her unable to conceive children. During her marriage to Diego Rivera, Frida had several encounters with both men and women. No justifications, no apologies, no excuses, no bold act in her time for her sexual choices. One of her most remarkable things was the performer Josephine Baker, which matched the courage and imagination of Kahlo.

While she remained bedridden months later, Frida resumed painting. She turned her anguish into a painting obsession. Through her self-portraits usually have a sense of sadness and anguish, her gaze remains challenging and ferocious. Although so many women are portrayed as the victim, Frida shows that grief is an inherent part of existence but does not define us. In both her art and her life, Frida enjoyed breaking the norms. She was surrounded by other fascinating intellectuals and creative people. One of the reasons why her work is recognized so widely is that it was different from anything. Frida smoked, boxed, and confronted her mother and sisters with clothing, and gathered Tequila’s challenges against males. In her self-portraits, she refused to modify her «male» features, including her mono view and a thin mustache. Once she wrote “I enjoy my eyes and eyes” in her diary.” She still embraced her femininity however, wore colorful outfits and flavored her hair.