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The third wave was very long it began in the 1990s and continued till 2010 so it was a very long wave. it focuses on the legal rights and protection, status which was given by the second and first Wave feminists. They also examined the position and not finished work from the second-wave feminists, third-wave feminists fought and raise questions against racism, patriarchy sexism, and classism they put the discussion on it they want to remove this discrimination from the society, they started publishing magazines and journals. The intention and spirit of the third wave were shown by honesty, humor and vaginal monologues and feelings women sexuality vagina related topic, birth and rape were expressed openly by third-wave feminists there was a famous guerrilla group a group of women artists who wore masks to expose the female stereotypes and the discrimination against the women it really created an effect in the wave it was very unique idea to express their anger against patriarchy, the third wave feminists redefined women and young girls as powerful, assertive and in control of own sexuality. This gave rise to powerful women iconic singers. The girls started feeling liberal and more valuable. The third wave was more effective in the USA, UK countries than India. The third-wave feminist also faced criticism the debates were raised on women’s sexual behavior and it was very criticizing but girl power worked.