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Gender neutral or gender inclusive language helps to avoid gender bias and gender stereotypes between men and women or all the genders. Gender inclusive language is important and it plays major role to promote gender equality and to stop gender bias. Journalist writer’s need to treat men and women equally by giving both male and female equal coverage and using gender neutral language or inclusive language. Some examples that people use indirectly or directly which creates gender bias or gender stereotypes like man-made, policeman, businessman, landlord, chairman, family man, salesman, lady doctor and many more. People need to focus on using words like instead of saying man they can say human or people, rather than mankind they can use humanity. Word orders like he or she, his or her, him or her, sons and daughters, men and women, ladies and gentlemen. In classroom also teachers need to specific both the genders like students need to submit his or her assignment on time. People need to use they instead of using he or she due to which it will shows the respect towards gender identity. Use mx rather than using Mr, Ms, Mrs because if we don’t know about person’s gender than we need to pronoun particular person with respect that’s why we need to use mx. Use Partner or spouse instead of husband and wife or girlfriend and boyfriend same thing in family like use siblings instead of brother and sister these are gender inclusive language we need to use in every day speech and writing. Society need to incorporate gender-neutral language or gender inclusive language in their daily life or every day writing and speech, so that by using gender neutral language it will prevent discrimination against particular gender, gender stereotypes, gender inequality, gender identity this will surely help to maintain equality.