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Women are offenly criticized by their outer appearance and it is not compulsory that only models or actress are been get judged by their outfit but also female athletes are getting judged by their appearance and it also known as body policing. We all know that social media platforms and media usually focuses on their dressing sense or outfit of women due to which society gets the chance to make it highlight. Female Athletes are the one who try to make our india proud by playing international Olympics but no one will make highlight or breaking news, like they do judge female athletes by their outfit. People need to understand that they should see their talent instead of judging them by their appearance. Society thinks that female athletes are influencing others by wearing sportswear and they shouldn’t wear it. Why people are having such kind of thinking? They need to understand that females can wear anything in which they are comfortable, they has rights to make choices for herself no one can judge or stop her. By being in competition obviously female athletes should wear comfortable clothes. People need to appreciate and support female athletes instead of making her uncomfortable or discouraging her for no reason. If people are having problem with female athletes appearance than they need to change their mindset because there is nothing wrong in their outfit. And females need to take stand against wrong instead of staying quiet they need to give reply on such things for herself and career. Female Athletes should also get treated equally like male athletes and media needs to more appreciate female athletes. Society need to break stereotypes against females athletes they should start making change in their mentality towards it. Encouraging and supporting is the only things people need to focus on rather than body policing female athletes.