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Sexism is attitude and biased behavior towards the gender, stereotypes, for example, we can see sexist marketing of children’s toys dolls for girls, and trucks and cars for boys or their color blue for boys and pink for girls. Women are always told to cook food and wash utensils very few people have a gender-neutral kitchen, our society is so traditional don’t know how many women are suffering sexism and how much they deal with this behavior but women are started raising their voices and now are becoming more independent. It is very important to stop sexist behavior in the home stop comparing daughter to son treats them equally. gender stereotypes as we all know how much patriarchal thinking is followed by society that women have taken birth to serve family and cook food wear bangles listen what their husband these are stereotypes women should always wear decent clothes and always pretend as a soft-hearted person in front of others. But some organizations are working together to end these gender stereotypes and create a happy life for women. Gender stereotypes women follow because they have grown up seeing their elder women are following, so if women want to change, they should end following stereotypes. Gender wage gaps is the issue faced by a lot of working women they do not get equal pay as male, women a require money to be independent and to handle finances this business is sport is also and in the entertainment industry also male actor always have more fess than female, why? women deserve an equal salary because they are also putting in some effort and energy as men are doing.