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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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If we were to judge people based on the things that post on Instagram on Twitter we would have an inaccurate idea of what their life is like. Instagram is not always what it seems. For decades, Sesame Street has taught us to relate to find commonality to be accepting, encouraging and inclusive. These are word building blocks for our youth relating to one another but times have changed. Now we live in the era of social media constantly and endlessly comparing ourselves to one another; our bodies, our lives and our relationships. Measuring our happiness by likes and followers doesn’t matter. Is comparing ourselves harmful? Yes, it is. Social media may be fueling a mental health crisis in young people. Social media has led to the 70% increasing and society and depression over the last 25 years. Different ages use and interact with Instagram differently. On Instagram, we see tons of photos of girls and boys our age, many of which are opposed and affected versions of them. What a teenage girl season Instagram is drastically different from what the average adult sees and over time scrolling through these photos can take a toll on our self-esteem. The comparison we generally make every day with people on social media is not only realistic but is also extremely unfair. When we go on Instagram we see happy, beautiful and confident people. The influences on social media constantly tell us to accept who we are, which is necessary but we should not stop putting efforts to be the better version of ourselves. They are constantly telling us to not go by the judgement of others. This again is also necessary but we should not ignore the advice of people who genuinely care for us. We should be concerned, 72% of teens are on Instagram. 68% of the 1 billion Instagram users are women scrolling through their feed looking at the altered, unobtainable body images. This is not healthy. Many young men are becoming addicted to altering the way they look. Filters, plastic surgeries, implants have recently become a lot more famous. After filtering and photoshopping excessively, the likes and comments one receives and being directed at them but they were altered cyber self.