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Gender-neutral language means a language that is the non-sexist language the main purpose of this language is to avoid gender bias non-targeting one sex or gender is superior. How we speak and what language interprets a lot about ourselves so when we start using gender-neutral language it will show equality of gender in what we speak and people get an indication that they are not biased towards “gender. Many schools are adopting this gender-neutral language even banks, hospitals staff needs to begin doing this maybe it will be awkward in starting but after few days it will be a habit. We need this language we are always creating differences between males and females which not even require some time and what about the LGBTQ community we can’t always count them as others because they also want to have an identity in society when we go to any ceremony, we have seen people welcome by saying “ladies and gentlemen instead of that we can say everyone “here we are including every gender. We can use them rather than using he or she, it is very important. Because what language we speak shows how we think or what our thoughts are, these small changes will make a bigger impact in the future we want to create a world where each gender is respected and have value. In gender-neutral language, MX is used instead of ms, Mrs or miss because some people do not want to get identified gender if a person is confused about what gender can be used so we can write MX. So please try to adopt the gender-neutral language.