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Manpreet Singh
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All parts of our lives are affected by gender preference. To quote the example of teaching, it is understood that women are more proficient and loving in this career. Students, therefore, have a better connection to them. Such conventional conceptions cannot be abolished instantly from society, but they can be diminished gradually. In the current headlines, Delhi has been reported as overtly sexist for its hostel standards. The college just inaugurated its first female home (although it was set up more than 100 years ago), but many decided bitterly by the rules that came with it. The conditions in the hostel prospectus included requesting girls to dress in accordance with ‘normal social standard,’ not visitors (including women) without prior permission, only one night out in one month, and random checking by wardens.
Shaking as it might sound, these policies are not uncommon in hostels across the country, both in private and government universities and private guest accommodations for female students. These topics have been covered during the last years by many groups and initiatives, most famously ‘Pinjra Tod’. Why are girls in hostels selected? Why do not boys staying in varsity hostels have the same conditions? If this condition is imposed in all of the Syndique universities, students should be subject to the same standard as boys in hostels. It is worth expelling students to repeat such an offense. The hostels at universities are the finest hiding places for young people, especially before union elections. In the past, weapons including swords, bats, and rods were seized from boy’s hostels. Regulations should be the same for everyone regardless of gender. At this point, gender-specific constraints could imply a sense of frustration, anger, and impotence. The idea of patriarchal and oppressed women’s society seems to be strengthened. It involves the protection of women against uncontrolled violence and harassment, which in fact is a matter of law and order. The solution to this situation is not to guarantee women’s freedom over alertness. Crime distortion, the breaking of law and order, and awareness on campuses, and society in general, in particular, should be dealt with. There should not be gender-selective rules.