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A woman enters into a new phase of her life by giving a birth to little baby her motherhood glorification began. Once the mother is being she can never leave her motherhood journey it is an important commitment of her life. A mother is always responsible for her children and she always wants to give her best for the children, a child always looks up to her mother’s behavior when he/she. mother is always the safe place for children. Mother is always a selfless person when it comes to their child, she is ready to do anything for her child also to make her smile that is what we call glorification of motherhood. patriarchy always tells women to keep her career on hold and look after the children because they want your presence at the home. Even some husbands also tell that but what if women want both career and child at the same time why we have to choose between because both play a valuable role in her life. But I am so proud of mothers who are managing careers and children well. So, it is possible to even in the future children are going to do the same with their children. Women should motherhood perceptions need to change it is not that motherhood is not perfect. A mother can ask the father to take care of the child and needs the to mother gives unconditional love. Being the best a mother. Mother needs to give her child good teaching and make her own. All mother needs to be respected and also take care.