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Manpreet Singh
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A year after year, powerful, educated, and decisive women from all over India have distinguished themselves in many sectors around the world – from scientific research to the pitch of cricket – and their spectacular achievements honor the country. We are certain that we will run out of space if we begin to tally their numbers. So, for brevity’s sake, there’s a list of extraordinary women who in recent years have made India proud-

1. Kalpana Chawla

Kalpana Chawla’s achievements have certainly made India proud, the first Indian woman in the region and the role model for those who dream of breaking through glass barriers and shooting the stars. Kalpana was born in Haryana and was always attracted by the stars. She was from a poor family but not the one or the fact that no Indian woman was in space previously stopped “Monto” from making her aspirations come true. Her history is a testimonial to the notion that there is not too much dream if a person gives them all to pursue it.

2. Dipa Karmarkar

The gymnasts are in the history books and also with such grace! The 24-year-old Olympic medallist, who was once scared to fall, pulled her incredible Produnova Vault away from the judges, scoring 15.100. The Produnova routine requires that the springboard is fully inclined, both legs are jumped and swung, two hangings are carried out while they are still in the air and a frontal landing is completed. It is considered one of the toughest souls in the artistic gymnastics of women. By being the first Indian gymnast to qualify for an Olympic Final, she wrote history in August 2016.

3. Hima Das

Daughter of a rice farmer Hima Das, thanks to her outstanding achievement on the IAAF U20 World Championship, became a national feeling at the age of 18. Her performance and her approach towards opponents are not part of the truth. It comes from a very humble background. Her mother replied to the news saying that “Commonwealth Games? When she won the 400 m Federation Cup race to be called Assam Girls in the Commonwealth Games to represent India? What is that? What is that? You’re going to be on TV? It’s a good thing, then probably.’ Did you know that only a year before she qualified for the Commonwealth Games did Hima undergo professional training?

4. Latika Nath

The conservation of fauna and study were dominated by male scientists in Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh, at the beginning of the ‘90s. With the Indian Wildlife Institute, she applied for a Ph.D. in conservation biology and picked the extensive topic of conservation and management of tigers in India. No full long-term study was then carried out on Tigers and Latika entered voluntarily into a zone where enormous effort, untiring hard labor, and genuine love for wildlife were required. Even with the barriers of politics and other disputes.

5. Surekha Yadav

In 1988, the first female passenger train operator of India became Surekha Yadav. She created history and paved the road for other women to follow her. Surkeha was born to farm parents and, like the majority of her colleagues, was looking for permanent work. her diploma in electric engineering. An opportunity for an assistant driver in the Indian Railways caused her to informally fill out the form and shortly she was chosen. She observed something that left her surprised when she arrived for the written and viva exams. “With the written and viva examinations I was the lone girl. I didn’t know that no girl and no woman had been working as a train driver for the Indian railways.