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There is a various method of using contraception’s to avoid the pregnancy. Using Condoms is the most effective way of avoiding pregnancy and STIs. we don’t have an idea when ovulation starts, having unprotected sex increases the chances of getting pregnant. Women which have a shorter menstrual cycle if they have unprotected sex with their partner, risk the chances of getting pregnant. The most helpful method of contraception for a longer period of time is injecting contraceptives also by the contraceptive implant, intrauterine device. If a woman haves unprotected sex or sometimes contraception is failed emergency conception can act as a savior there are two emergency contraception pills one is levonelle and ellaone and there is the time period within that period pills should be taken after crossing that period it shouldn’t be that effective. The use of IUD will also help from preventing fertility it is basically made from copper and plastic and it is inserted in the uterus by any health specialist person who has an idea of this. if women don’t like having pills, they can take a SHOT of progestin from the doctor which will help it lasts till three months. women can also put the Ring into their vagina. Women need to keep emergency contraception with them. Also tracking the menstrual cycle will help from not being pregnant. So there are many ways of preventing pregnancy women need to choose what will help them better. Even consult her doctor if she wants more guidance regarding this. taking contraceptives is very necessary for preventing pregnancy.