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No, Still there are women who are not aware about female related diseases. In today’s generation their are many working women who don’t get time for herself due to which they ignore their health problems. And afterwards it affects their health badly. Instead they should do yoga or exercise at morning atleast this will help them to have good immunity to fight back with diseases. Women should be aware of diseases like sexually transmitted diseases, Endrometriosis, Polycystic ovary syndrome or disease (Pcos/Pcod), Breast cancer, urinary tract infections, Heart disease and many more. While knowing about this diseases with that they should also know about the solutions and precautions to not get affect from such diseases. Many problems are caused due to weight gain. Women should have balanced weight because it will benefit to maintain healthy lifestyle and you will not get affect with diseases that occurs through having over weight. Adapting Healthy lifestyle is the best thing females can do to lower the risk of such diseases or infections. In villages many women are suffering from different diseases and infections because they are not aware of female related diseases. Due to poor education at rural areas their should be lack of awareness about health problems and solutions. Organizations and campaigns should be their to make awareness about female related diseases. Due to which women will focus on their health to stay away from such diseases. Their are women in villages who use ash and cloth while going through periods but by knowing about diseases through campaigns they will more take care of their menstrual hygiene. And their should availability of sanitary pads at rural areas for cheap price. So that women can maintain menstrual hygiene. Women should aviod things like alcohol, smoking, eating junk food once in a week or month, control on sugar these things will helpful for women to maintain healthy lifestyle.