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Manpreet Singh
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In society, Dowry is a social scourge that has led to unfathomable suffering and crimes against women. Women of all strata in society – whether it the poor, the middle class or the rich – have taken their life from wickedness. But its more because of its lack of knowledge and learning it is the poor who succumb and bear it. The daughters aren’t respected as the sons due to the concept of duty. In society, it has often been noted that they are seen to be liable and often subjugated and that they receive second-hand treatment, whether in training or other facilities. Today, the government has developed numerous regulations and reforms to not only remove the dowry system but to raise girl children’s status through numerous systems. The problem must now be realized and understood by society at large. It is up to us all to take active efforts to make the necessary changes and stop making or providing. We all need to realize that our girls should first be valued so that others appreciate their value as they grow up.
Education and autonomy are one of your daughter’s great and precious gifts. This in turn helps her to be financially stable and a member of the family that respects her and has the correct standing in the family. Therefore it is the best thing any family parent can ever offer to their daughter to provide quality education and to encourage her to follow the vocation of her choice. Domestic violence involves the use of hard force to build dominance in the home by teaching women to accept their role as subservient. Domestic abuse tells women that they learn better to live at the mercy of men. It concerns men with low self-esteem, who ruin a woman’s feeling of self-esteem since they feel insufficient to deal with a woman who thinks and behaves as a free human with independent thought. We have to teach our boys that women or girls are not a commodity over which you can claim ownership.
While the development of such institutions and the welfare state has provided individuals with some measure of protection from economic insecurity and certain misuse, the recognition is now increasing that such institutions also weaken civil society and have helped people to shirk their responsibility for their fellow human beings, including those living nearby. These nuclear cultures don’t help individuals to emotionally well, for even family relationships get very vulnerable and feeble, and even when their worldly needs are taken care of people get quite uneasy and lonely.