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In our society, Menstruation is still considered as dirty, impure, unclean and what not. At old times, people used to ask women and girls to stay separate and use all the things separately while going through periods because they feel that menstruation is impure due to which women and girls has to suffer with such taboos and still their are some people in our society who adapt this norms. In villages also their are people who think menstruation dirty, impure due to such taboos and myths about menstruation it affects women menstrual hygiene. Because all the people are giving importance to menstrual taboos instead they should focus on women’s menstrual hygiene. In urban and rural areas their are some people who don’t allow women and girls to enter kitchen because they are going through menstruation. Why? People thinking is still not change towards menstruation it’s natural thing for women and their is nothing impure or dirty about menstruation. People should start changing their mind and they should also stop spreading such myths and taboos about menstruation. Because of getting influenced by such things they totally ignore the things about women’s menstrual hygiene. Women can’t talk about menstrual problems with their husband because of norms like they should stay separately due to which it only affects the women’s menstrual hygiene. Society has to make normalise about talking about menstrual problems. So that women can talk freely with their husband about menstrual problems. Their should be menstrual education for every people in our society because by understanding exactly about menstruation due to which atleast some people will stop making taboos about menstruation. Society need to think about women’s menstrual hygiene instead of getting influenced by myths and taboos. Instead People should must be aware about women’s menstrual hygiene and menstrual problems faced by the women’s and girls.