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To create a harmonious society, people should give equal respect and behavior towards everyone irrespective of gender, caste, religion whether they fall in a low-income group or high-income group but harsh reality society gives respect to the people who have high income and status which happen everywhere, but tour society needs to be kind towards the people who help, we all are interdependent on each other many things than society should understand this, we need to maintain peaceful relations with everyone is very necessary. Gender discrimination is also the measure factor that affects the harmony nobody appreciates women she does not follow the society and try live life as she wants. Male is always looked as strong and superior in everything on contrary women are looked as weaker one and responsible for every household activity. If people are educated in society there thought process broadens and they always prefer harmony over fights and discriminative behavior, if we will make our society free from discrimination of income, status and gender disparity, etc. it will very helpful for the present and future generation. And this will also uplift our country image Infront of another country. We need to stop fighting and protesting our religion. People should develop a mindset that we all are humans first and we all are extended family. Kindness costs nothing so please be kind our world is becoming greedy and selfish day by day which is not good, income cannot buy you happiness but people can give you happiness and love. Change and broaden the perspective you will start seeing good things around the surrounding, people’s income and status may not define them but their good deeds towards society and behavior will. A society which has peace and harmony everyone sharing their joys and celebrating every festival like a family.