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In today’s advanced digital world, Everything is going online like shopping clothes, ordering food, paying bills and what not. Due to which their is more need of web developers. They create different web sites and web applications like Facebook, Amazon, flipkart, myntra and many more. And create coding and programming for websites to make it work functionally. Women should learn web development course because their will be always availability for job opportunities, working in this field will pay with high income, can work from anywhere but they should have laptop and internet connection and working in web development is creative and fun.
Top web development courses for women as following:
1.Web developer course by codecademy: This is best course for web development now-a-days it is available online. It has self-guided tutorials for beginners to learn basis of programming. It teaches you HTML CSS of front end languages, and python, ruby on rails of back end languages. It will very helpful for women because it teaches you many things.
2.Programming course by coursera: This website gives lots of variety of online courses with different universities in world. It has both paid and free courses. By this course you will learn basis of python programs language, programming tools like functions and loops and many more.
3.Web development course by Mozilla: By learning this course you will get to know about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Accessibility, Tools and testing, website programming.
4.Web developer bootcamp course by udemy: This course is best for the beginners and it will also give you job opportunities. In this you will learn about web applications, blog applications, HTML, CSS, HTML forms, full stack web applications, Javascript functions and many more.
5.Modern HTML and SSC course by udemy: This course is for beginners and also for developers. In this you will cover many things like CSS variables, CSS grid, CSS units, HTML5 semantic layout, animations, etc.
These are the top best courses for web development that women can prefer to make their career in this field.