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Yash Tiwari
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Feminism is not just for the women who want to protect their rights but also for the women who want to find beauty in their lives as free females. They must not be restricted by the limited roles or by the struggles in their daily life. Feminism is a motivating power that is behind many things that are happening to let women empower themselves and change the way they can be in society. Feminism speaks of the struggles of women and the solutions, to the distress of women. Women need to have the same opportunity for development. It is a matter of social justice because when there is more to society everything is shared according to one’s merit in the society.

Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. It also aims at creating an objective analysis of women’s conditions that can be used for change. It is not a homogeneous movement with a single aim, strategy, or tactic. In the early twenty-first century, feminist perspectives began to make an impact in a long-standing field of political philosophy, known as ‘political obligation’. The basic idea of ‘political obligation’ is that most people, if they do not like certain policies being implemented by their government, have the right to change their government. Many feminists argue that this basic theory of political obligation needs to be expanded upon or revised.

Feminism is focused on equality in all terms. Equality and liberty feminism asks that women be given full civil rights and be treated as if they were men; Social movements are a hierarchical society, a move away from liberal feminism, which beliefs in egalitarianism or equal outcome. Postmodernist feminism focuses on power relations more than ideas of femininity, often addressing sex as it relates to male power. It is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, personal, and social rights for women. Feminism is no longer just about equality for one sex or the other, it is about civil rights for all. Nowadays the feminist movement is like a battle between the sexes.

Women should be respected for their own identity and treated equally as men, in seeing the influence of a feminist on her way of thinking and culture she has to face harshness and opposition but the strongest impact is that change on society is when she respects herself and come forward towards financial independence. These are just some of the things that feminism is doing. Women’s participation in politics is necessary so that they can raise their issues to the political parties and make sure that their concerns are taken up by them also. A strong identity and a sense of accomplishment are vital in liberating women psychologically. She may have achieved an educational degree but it is just a piece of paper until the moment she places her hand on the ballot to cast her vote, and this is her moment of triumph.