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Period poverty is a measure issue in our country, period poverty basically means females do not have enough money to buy pads, tampons, and other menstruation essential, our government needs to remove the charge of non-essential goods because every woman gets menstruation each month, and women who earn per day and have very few money they will obviously give priority to food and to children, it would be better if cotton pads will sell at generic medical stores for free so women at least will go there and buy it. Menstrual hygiene is very important because women have to live in the unhygienic condition it becomes really difficult during periods when they change the pads, so government should hire people to clean the toilets and can make more mobile toilet in cities and also in rural areas because in the city we can see toilets but in the village, they are there is more need in village. We can tackle period poverty by generating funds from the big corporation and government bodies under social responsibility and this big private firm will not deny from giving some amount of funds. There is a lot of international communities for period poverty we can tie up with them and sponsor some village which has most percent of period poverty.