Manpreet Singh
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Some issues have always been taboo in our society, and one such problem, more popularly called periods, is ‘Menstruation.’ An open debate on this is quite difficult since individuals appear extremely uncomfortable and prefer to talk about it behind closed doors. Ninong Ering, a parliamentary member in Lok Sabha who represented Arunachal Pradesh in 2018, has held a debate on the Menstrual Bond Bill that has prompted broad discussions of the need for working women to have a menstrual leave policy every month.
The benefits of menstruation Two paid menstrual days every month and enhanced facilities for workplaces during menstruation are provided by Bill in the public and private sectors. The incentives are also given in government-recognized schools to female students in Class VIII. However, if passed the Bill would not be in any way breakthrough, as a girls’ school in Kerala had given her students menstruation leave since 1912, and since 1992 Bihar has been given a special women’s license for two days. Countries such as Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and Taiwan have given paid menstruation leave to women since the Second World War. But the humiliation and disgrace of a woman just to prove that she actually lived during her time led to many women not being able to take advantage of the leave together. Certain conditions related to menstrual activities, such as menorrhagia, endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, and the following considerations of the concerns described above, during the entire formulation of the bill. It is logical that a passionate topic such as this would elicit ideas from all angles and people have different views on the same subject. A section of women does not support this rule because they believe that such a law will promote their prejudice at work and deal with unfair treatment by recruitment, lower pay, slower promotion, and fewer board meetings.
Exactly that is what needs to be modified. The biological framework of women should not be sanctioned. If women only bear their misery to “fit in” and not be excluded, then we certainly paddle the patriarchy cycle onward. We must remember that when talking about equal working circumstances in the workplace, it implies equal labor conditions for men and women and not only those that are acceptable or rejected for convenience. This is not an option that ladies do each month, so if it’s tough for someone to be at work in the absence of conditions, they should be permitted to take leave simply.