Yash Tiwari
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Women are not aware of the huge industry that deals with jobs for women. The job and the career-oriented courses are available in abundance for the young girls who have just passed out from 12th standards. They can make their career and they will be able to do whatever they desire to do in their professional life. They have a wide range of career options available for them. But this is not true and they are not aware of the vast opportunities that lie ahead for them- advertisement, marketing, event management, interior decoration and styling, banking, corporate affairs, fashion designing, and much more.

1. Web Designing: A diploma course in web design will equip you with the knowledge on the tools required for some of the software and sharpen your analytical skills and broaden your outlook on the diverse aspects of designing and development. It will groom you to be a self-sufficient designer and developer and give you an advantage over those who have no formal education or training in this field.
2. Management: Various colleges run full-fledged diploma courses in Event Management at short intervals. Some give you the option of joining the course on a part-time basis. Instead of joining a regular degree course, you can choose this short-term course and then enroll yourself into an Institute of Higher Education for your Bachelor’s degree.
3. Photography: It is a diploma course based on academic and vocational principles. The type of work you can get after the completion of this course is more than enough to convince you about its worth. If you want to become proficient in photography say we have come up with something that will surprise you.
4. Animation & Multimedia: 3D Animation & Visual Effects in combination with Web Design is one of the courses that promise a lot of job opportunities. Students can choose to opt for a career as an Animator, 3D Artist, Visual Effects Artist, or Graphic Designer for Multimedia.

In India, there are countless numbers of colleges for higher education and creative courses. It seems like a paradise for students as they can study every single subject in the world. Very few people would argue that degree is the most important thing to a future life. Doesn’t matter whether it comes from a renowned university or not, what matters is its content. For instance, going for an MBA course from a mediocre college won’t get you a good job. This is a good way to choose your career as this is very easy to run on a scale. These courses offer you an option to settle down somewhere if you find a job. One can also go for higher studies or a Ph.D. after completion of these short courses. Numerous career-oriented courses can help you get a job even without experience. There are data entry courses, short-duration courses, diploma-level courses, and the list go on.