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Yash Tiwari
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The abortion issue is very emotive in society. A lot of people have strong opinions on it, often based not on facts but feelings and prejudice. Nowadays, Abortion is no longer considered a Taboo Topic. It is a serious decision of a woman which she has to make by herself. There is no point in blaming her for choosing to abort her child. A woman, due to her nature of being a mother, has the sole decision in requesting an abortion. In today’s world, a woman in that situation would do anything for the safety of her unborn child. In some parts of the world (mostly high-income countries), abortions are performed during the early stages of pregnancy, principally at the request of the pregnant individual. Forcing a woman to have an abortion is equivalent to giving her freedom most negatively. It is also a loss of freedom for that unborn child. The government can force her to abort her child, but can never recover what they take away.

As per my view, women should have their consent in abortion. Making her feel guilty will lead to an increase in abortion rates. In countries like China where such procedures are banned, people resort to taking pills to abort their child which may sometimes lead to the death of women as well as the child. While Abortion is used as a contraceptive method, women from lower strata of society tend to resort to abortion for controlling offspring. Sometimes the families force women to get an abortion because of some stupid reasons. Often they do it in money and family problems. Some even try to say that men don’t want a baby girl or vice versa. It’s all about short-living happiness. It doesn’t even cross their mind that she will have to live with this guilt for her whole life. They are just having fun, while the mother is left to kill her child.

Child abortion is solely the right of a woman whether she wants to keep her child or not. And we should encourage all those women who raised their voices against this injustice and are going against their families and society. Women should fight for their rights, not abort her baby. As long as a child is in the womb, it’s still a part of the woman’s body, and she should have full control over what happens to that child. Abortion is the woman’s choice because when she becomes pregnant, she makes sacrifices such as putting her education on hold, losing wages from work, and undergoing various physical changes.