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Many women need to know many things about their bodies. Most women have this desire to have a perfect body, women do a lot of things to get that perfect shape but they ignore consequences while getting that transformation. Women should exercise regularly it can be of any type one can do walking, yoga, or can go to the gym. Every woman should try to take time out for their health from their duties and responsibilities. Women should get enough 8 hours of sleep. Nowadays a lot of women have anxiety and depression so they should meditate a minimum of twenty minutes regularly, it will help a lot you start seeing the benefits of it very soon. Every woman should need to know period date check if it is coming on regularly every month not coming too early or too late as compare to last month date. Women need to keep a check on their breasts a lot of women don’t know about this if there are lumps and changes in the texture of their skin then women need to concern with the doctor. Hormones of women keep changing because of that many women can see their weight falls or increasing, because it can be signal of thyroid or issue in the stomach, fear of throat cancer. In many women’s body there is a deficiency of vitamins women need to take multivitamins pills, yet some women ignore this. Women should not use chemical-based beauty products on skin and hair because it can damage their skin but women blindly trust and buy such products. Women timing of food is not right they are so busy they give the least priority to food women also needs to include some healthy food. Women should stop stressing about the things which are not in their control it affects their health which is not good.