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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Things which every teenager should be aware of first is that no matter what people say she is beautiful. We all know teenagers are the age where we have lots of body changes which include hormonal changes along with a lot of mental instability and often we can be led to curiosity and even different mood swings vand insecurities will emerge. But we need to know that it’s extremely normal and with subtle lifestyle changes it’s possible to lessen the effect. Here are some things that I feel every teenage girl should know.
1] Learn to say NO: We all know that teenage is a phase where our body grows and you will practically feel people around you feel changing .It would be like a person who used to go with and buy chocolates will make you feel insecure and in these conditions speak it out and don’t endure.
2] Acne and spots are okay: As the hormones act you will have a lot of bumps and spots and it will make you feel that you are ugly but not these are natural and they will go away gradually.
3] Pubic and body hair are normal: There is no shame in having body hair and pubic hair. They are in fact for our protection. Pubic hair is actually making our vagina less susceptible towards bacteria.
4] Your consent is important: We see that we all have gone through unstable emotions and thus we see there are also our hormones acting up and these desires but no one should force you to something you don’t want to and are not okay with.
5] Its okay to have different opinions with your parents: This is a very common thing we all experience and this difference in opinions often is the cause of frustrations. Just calmly explain to them .