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There a lot of benefits of learning a foreign language and even make a career in this field. Women can learn a language on apps such as memrise, duo ingo,lingual lift,mindnack, etc are some apps which can help to better learn also these language has better accesses for free also women can do courses on online sites such as YouTube, course era, Udemy and get certification even there is an institution which teaches languages and also gives the certification for same. learn a foreign language is an add-on and unique skill which can present in our CVs and it also helps to differentiate from other people. One can make their career in this field by being a translator their very requirements of the translator in companies and also websites for internship opportunities. Women can also work as lecturers in educational institutions. They can take a linguistic job in the military one can also get government just by gaining this skill. Women can be full language bloggers and content creation. Foreign languages will help women to become extra competitive in this field. Foreign language in personality development and makes networking strong by communicating people there are a lot of women they are practicing this in big companies and because they are independent but a lot of people are unaware about this much career benefits they believe it just skills and it is not that difficult people think just we have keep connect with the subject one can also get the opportunity to make their own course and sell it on various websites, it very subjective how we make use of the learning this language. Some important foreign language which will benefit one in career and are in demand are English, French, German, Arabic, Korean and Japanese and Chinese this language is needed for trading cross border everyone can learn at least two foreign languages.