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We can see the gender divide in the IT sector but some women had really shown up in this sector women. Women had made their careers in this tech world and start their own start-ups in this field. Some women have really proved themselves in changing the waves of programming. Reshma Saujani founder CEO and founder of girls who code it is a nonprofit organization that is for young girls to teach coding she wants to give a message to the world that she told in an interview of vogue teach girls, bravery is perfection. Geeta Kanan Bengaluru is managing director INDIA it is also a not-for-profit organization that focuses on making women knowledgeable in technology. She wants to deliver the message that women should keep focusing on your goal and opposition will no be able to stand in between. Ashwini das is the founder of hackberry, it conducts workshops for children 5- 15-year-old it is especially for girls. She wants to develop quality in kids such as critical reasoning, logical reasoning, and entrepreneurship mindset by making kids connect the technology in every effective way, by doing this she is making a bright future for India. Deepa Madhavan after working in MNC at San Francisco she took a break for children for coming back she struggles a lot that’s why women make a programme that pays pal is recharge which helps the women to bring back to work. She also an initiator of girls in tech and unity. Ashwini Ashokan is another boss lady who is CEO and also the founder of the tech company mad force den, she keeps 58 per cent of women employees in her companies, wants to give internship so women can change their career track and re build their career. Her vision is to bring AI (artificial intelligence) to everyday life. All these women are boss ladies they have made some positive changes to empower and bring women to the tech industry. Hats off to all these superwomen.