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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Women are at more risk with multiple diseases comparatively than men. They don’t look after their health properly due to the innumerable responsibilities and roles they have to play in their life. A huge time of their life is gone looking after others health issues rather than focussing on her own health.
Women should take individual health plan as they should be independent and live the life with stability having insurance policy of her own. She can get the benefits solely for her health, and it would be much convenient for her future plans.
With the rise in diseases in women, they definitely need an insurance health plan individually. Heart attack are common in me but nowadays, there is an increment in women getting heart attack more than men. Depression is likely to hit women mostly, and they need therapies and sometimes even a treatment . Reproductive health issues and breast cancer are the most common issue which every other women are dealing and struggling for a financial help for treatments .
All the above are just a summary of diseases which are rapidly spreading, Furthermore women should buckle up and be an in charge of their health and start investing in overall health safety.
According to income tax rule women are charged less tax than men, so there is an advantage that they can save more and invest the money in health insurance plans. There are discounts and less premium accounts offered to women to make more women invest in health policies.
Woman brings up a whole family as in a technical manner. There should be an individual heath plan whether she is a working woman or housewife . It will be an absolute booster for their maternity and other health problems.
Medical insurance is a necessity for a woman across the globe and women should be encouraged and provide the individual health plan.
HDFC as well as ERGO are trustworthy companies which are offering varied range of great policies for women, an advantage for their medical insurance.
More efforts should be adopted to lead a healthy lifestyle along with individual medical insurance will be benefitting women in the long run.