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The criteria that leads everyone to decide their career contains a self-ability assessment, interests and your short or long term goals. Gender biasness doesn’t fit into the list, but still gender stereotypes created by the society come into the way when someone strives to choose his/her profession.
Indian society has divided careers and professions into a great gender divide creating discrimination along the society.
A girl and a boy is shortlisted with a few professions he/she could persue. Girls are expected to choose a profession like teacher, makeup artist, psychologist, model, baker, cook etc. Whereas men are expected to pick up a career like software developer, athlete, financial analyst, driver, technician, policeman etc. People do not expect women to pick up a profession they’ve listed up for men and vice versa.
Even after everything, in today’s world women have been breaking these stereotypes and growing forward towards what they actually want to be. We’ve been seeing a lot of women drivers, engineering, coders and also a lot of men cooks, makeup artists, teachers etc. The world is evolving into a better place by trying to create a place equal for all the genders. Breaking the gender stereotypes is leading towards a better society for the future generation.