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Pregnancy is a life giving process only a woman is entitled to. Pregnancy is a choice not a duty a woman has to abide by.
Contraception is one way to avoid pregnancy, using diaphragm while having sex by women and condoms by men is considered one of the best methods of avoiding pregnancy.
Nowadays, oral contraceptive pills are also available in the market which help in preventing pregnancy. These oral contraceptive pills work by stopping the sperm to join with an egg for fertilization, which leads to pregnancy. Oral contraceptives are famous in the countries like australia. The pill basically stops the formation of an egg in a woman’s body.
Intrauterine devices are the devices used by women to prevent pregnancy, it is considered to be a very effective method of preventing pregnancy. It is generally a T-shaped device inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy.
Even after getting pregnant a woman has a complete right to abort the baby if she doesn’t want to have one. Having a baby or getting pregnant is a tough task and should not be a hasty decision, getting pregnant and having a baby should be pre-decided and should be decided with a consent of both mother and the father.