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It is the dream of most of the woman to become pregnant. Pregnancy is dream for everyone but if you cases a woman try to avoid pregnancy . And it will be good since after being pregnant and aborting the unborn child is like a sin and a crime. None should not commit this crime so, avoiding pregnancy is the best way to be away from it .
There are many cases in which if women try to avoid pregnancy.
1- After marriage many couples want to concentrate on their career and firstly want to be financially stable and then plan about baby so they try to avoid pregnancy.
2- Health issues can be considered as one of the foremost reason to avoid pregnancy .
The measures a woman can take to avoid pregnancy are :-
1- Condom :- Through the use of condom a couple can avoid pregnancy. It is most demanded product and can be easily carried with you . This is the only from of contraception , that protect you from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy also . This is available for male and female.
2- The Contraceptive Injection:- This is considered as a synthetic version of the hormone progestogen. This is given to women in the upper arm or buttock . Over last 12 week the hormone is slowly released into blood stream. This last for 3 months . N doesn’t interpret the sex.
3- Intrauterine Device :- it is also known as coil and is very small in size. This is T- shaped device used for birth control . It is inserted in the uterus of women to avoid pregnancy. And depending on its type it can stay there for 3 year to 10 year.
4- The Oral Contraceptive Pill :- this is mostly used by the American women . This pill is taken once a day. There are different type of pill one can choose according to there preference. These combined pill contain oestrogen and progestin and the mini pill only contain progestin. But it can be given after medical professional give the prescription .
5- Diaphragm :-This is place inside the vagina of women to stop sperm from entering the uterus. It is a small soft silicon dome and create a barrier between male and female sperm. I can be last up to 2 year if you properly take care of that.
So ,these are the few method with the help of which a woman can avoid pregnancy. And these methods are safe to use and implement .