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Yash Tiwari
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Nowadays, the majority of the women population face problems in finding their way in our advanced society. This is because they are not given opportunities to pursue and develop their skills and talent. De jure and de facto, gender stereotypes influence the professions women choose thus furthering their “correction” in favor of men. The unjustified privileges of men in all aspects of work and living also make it harder for women to be successful. Gender stereotypes do indeed play an important role in professional choices, however, it is difficult to determine to what extent these stereotypes indeed influence woman’s progress and choice of profession. In our daily interactions, we have the chance to observe how much men and women are different not only in physical terms but also in the way they think and act. We usually compliment a woman for her beauty, whereas we compliment a man for his ability, skill, or talent.

A woman’s profession can be affected by gender stereotypes in several ways. For instance, if she does not show adequate proficiency in her job, she may be looked down upon and may even be considered less of a person. This is the reason why many women become homemakers or housewives, instead of developing careers; they give up on their advancement in life and submit to gender stereotypes. Legitimate science says that women in our society have been subjected to a lot of stereotypes. This so-called gender and sexual stereotype do not only affect their personal lives, but they also influence the roles these women play and several career choices they make in their lives.

We know that male been a leader and in charge, the role is considered to be more socially acceptable. Women feel as they are being called upon only to do the menial jobs. It also hinders their professional growth and development. `The professional choices for women is a topic of great interest in today’s time. In the past, many centuries ago, women were confined to domestic work and the workforce was occupied by men only. With time, society has seen a change in this perspective with more women marching towards professional careers than before. The major hurdles in the way of women to take up any profession or job are their parents and society which goes on to make the decision-making process easier for the males. Of course, women are affected by this, as they are meant to do household work rather than do a job.

There is hardly any field, which a woman cannot enter. After all, women are not the weaker gender by birth. It is just that their choices have been restricted to some extent only because of society’s stereotypical and gender-biased mindset. And it has been changing at a rapid pace since about the last few decades with more and more women. Society has different sets of expectations for men and women and forces them to identify themselves into stereotyped roles. We are a part of this society, so when these stereotypes appear as influencing the decisions we take up, they do have an impact on Women.