anshika agarwal
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Computer coding is a male-dominated sector. Still STEM jobs are not considered for women. Even now in this technology world only 18% of computer science majors are women. We can do better at girls learning code. Girls should learn how to code for their betterment. By learning code at an early age, girls develop a better grasp for the technology, which helps them find better solutions and manage failure. Coding helps girls with academic performance and problem solving. Girls that learn to code are able to improve in a range of educational topics such as mathematics, writing, and creativity. This coding process can help girls in developing english skills as well as help in applying mathematics concept in real life problem solving. Coding also helps girls in their future career. They will earn much better than the females working in non-tech sector. Coding can also help girls in empowering. A girl can be an example for many and this will help more girls learning coding. By working on apps, robotics, and other computing programs girls could help in shaping their future for the better education, health and energy sectors. Learning to read and write code gives girls the ability to face challenges head-on and learn from their mistakes. Coding also encourages logical reasoning and critical thinking as it breaks large problems into small manageable tasks. Still the highest paying jobs is in STEM. By encouraging women to participate in coding it will increase their earnings in STEM job. Ultimately this will reduce the pay gap and boost the average woman’s pay significantly. Society needs to take their step forward in this issue.