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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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One in three women experiences violence at the hands of their husband or partner. That’s over 800 million women worldwide. 30 women feel trapped afraid and restricted. Those who consider leaving often lose their money or children. The violence can leave to injuries as well as serious physical and mental health problems, in some cases even death. Unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections are also a side effect of this violence. These women generally have a greater risk of miscarriage, premature or low birth weight child. They generally experience depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. They may also become addicted to drugs or alcohol. They don’t know whom to trust or where to trust. They lose faith in the world.
It’s a tour to women to take necessary measures so that she doesn’t get raped. And, if the crime of rape has been committed, then you as a woman were careless. This is the reason women do not report rape or physical assault. When this genius crime gets committed the blame is pushed to the victim and they are asked questions like, “what were you wearing?”, “What did you do to make his blood boil?”, “What were you doing there?”, “Why are you out late at night?” The victims are not only afraid of their rapists but also their community. A lot of women who face physical violence in rural areas do not have the money to pursue them in court. There are some cases where the criminal is asked to marry the victim and this is considered the better end of the deal. Society creates a mindset that if you have been physically assaulted or raped then no one will marry you. This veil of silence and torture women are brought up under has left a lot of room for many other evil practices to flourish.