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In today’s generation there are many female sports persons who make our India proud and also to achieve success in their life. Obviously it has lot of dedication, hardwork and in between female sports also face many challenges to achieve their goals. Women go through with many obstacles like wage gap between men and women, fitness. Many women mostly face inequality between men and women. Instead of making comparison with men they should see their hardwork and talent. Women athletes don’t get equal payment and don’t have job security. They also has to face menstrual problem which is natural for women and sometimes in that pain they had to do practice for their tournament. From childhood onwards women are teach to do household chores and men focuses on studies. This leads to inequality towards women. And When women decide to make her career in sports than her family will not support her by being bais towards their son. Because of not getting family support they has to listen society comments on her by choosing sports as a career. By choosing this career they need to strong mentally and physically and should focus on their goals by ignoring society stereotypes towards them. To be an female sports person they has to maintain fitness by following proper diet. Women face the biggest challenge when they has to leave their sports at some point because of family and children. So it become very difficult for women to give-up on their career to take care of their children or having pregnancy. Society should be supportive towards female sports persons as equal like men because women are also equally deserve for the career opportunities by not getting comparison like sports career is for men not for women, they should equally support women like men. Gender inequality is also the challenge for women while making career in sports. But then also women face with all these challenges to be an female sports person and follow her goals with their hardwork and patience.