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Manpreet Singh
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Having skills in the new world of web development can be a boon for our women in India. It will not only provide an average salary along with guaranteed job security but also provides flexible schedules, which can be helpful for the women who are looking after the household. A career in web development is a hot commodity these days. There’s never been a better time to be in the field of web development. With the demand for developer candidates growing each year, it can be a good career option for women. Right now, the need of the hour is to make our women independent and we can do that by giving them advanced career option that does not require much skill. Here is the list of some top web development courses available-
1. Udemy has a good setup of web development courses. Noe the question is which one should you choose? Especially if you’re starting out with no coding background? This complete Web Developer course can make you learn Master skills easily.
2. Coursera provides a deep wealth of web development knowledge. The courses are designed so that they can provide a solid foundation in both front and back-end web development. They also cover the foundations of basic building responsive and UI design.
3. edX offers many interesting courses in web development. They vary from beginner level to some more advanced. There is a Professional Orientation course, that focuses on front-end development.
4. Code Academy has a web development course called path. It is perfect for women who are looking for a career change or a challenge. Pro account will allow you to courses and quizzes. They even have an app for learning while on move.
5. Udacity’s, taught by Steve Huffman, this web development course will take you through the most important concepts of internet browsers and HTML. This course requires a bit more skills in order to go through
So this is the list of courses that can be helpful for our women for skill development and becoming more independent.