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We can see that continuous patriarchy have already affected our girls in various ways. One of them is in education too. Girls are not considered intelligent enough to teach science or computer.most of women accept it lightly just as they accept patriarchy and if they shows interest then most of them have heard that it’s not a girls job to perform science or computer applications.
However there’s already many organizations who are offering coding courses, specially for women online or ofline, free or paid. Some of them are-
1. Skillrush- they’re offering an online paid course of python, web development, WordPress, visual design, digital marketing etc.
2. 23 code street- Offering web development foundations covering html, css, java script.
3.Railgirls- as the name suggests, they are offering rail special coding, to worlwide people, even free of cost.
4. Girls who code- this is mainly a worldwide company who has taken an initiative to shorten the gender gap in India too, by offering free coding teaching in India.
5. IBM – They have recently announced to take an initiative with collaboration of Indian Government to teach 2 lakh students in STEM field, has already started their journey through Andhrapradesh, Telangana, karnataka and hope to expand in other cities too.
6.Women who code- it’s a global organization who wants to women engineers to get inspired in coding. – they provide html, java or some other coaching classes, not only to women, but also the people under LGBTQ community who are strongly ignored in our society.
8. Girls who code- organisation like this are even offering scholarship to women to make them inspired for coding.
There’s even more website who offers coding classes. Search google, make yourself clear about what class suits you, what matches your conditions. You can find easily an trustworthy website. Check the reviews and go for it.