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No doubt India is one of the countries which has attractive and interesting destinations to travel but travelling is still risky for many and most of its only women travelling. Not all places or states are unsafe but most are unsafe to travel because of some of the other reasons from bag snatching to pickpocketers and rapes also.
Travelling to unknown places alone is obviously not safe for women because it involves many risks, there’s no single day where we don’t have news of rapes or violence. Each day there’s a rise in the number of crimes and assault done on women. Because of our patriarchal society, their untold rules made by them for women like, you don’t have to wear these clothes or don’t talk to them or you can’t travel a long distance or you should be at home by this time and the list continues.
Every woman wants to free from all these issues but each day its opposite and there is no place where women are free to travel or work and do whatever she wants to. In fact, women have to think twice if she has to travel within the state, not because its unsafe but the behaviour of people towards women when they travel alone like starring, eve-teasing or hostile behaviour because she is women.
Not every place and people are the same, there are also places where women can travel solo and still, she will save her whole journey because the people in that region are not with narrow mind and some places can also be unsafe for them to travel. So moreover, it’s about how you deal with that people and situations while travelling rather than questioning women to travel or not.
Women should be ready for their own safety like knowing self-defence techniques because crimes are not going to reduce easily and if want to travel alone then we should be researching each thing about that place before travelling there.