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Yes, this is where the modern problem has started. Most of us are aware about social media platforms. You do a crazy thing and it can be viral in the fraction of minutes, not giving you enough time to think about what you have already done and whether you wanted to share it or not. And most of the people are taking advantage of that. And with these, many type of thoughts are continuously being added to the real thought of feminism. Some of them are adding more motivation to it while most of them are actually the contrast of the main thing.
Ok so, what’s the feminism movement actually is.
It’s basically a movement with a motive of establishing a society where every gender can walk freely, can smile freely ,can fulfill their wishes and of course with their own identity. There will be no social, political, sexual discrimination.

Now most of us, are going on with the illusion that feminism movement means insulting men or torture men. Even some female are claiming to have all the benefits, whether it’s for seat reservation in bus, metro or in a exam. Some are claiming to get free financial benefits too.
They can’t be touched even if they are wrong it’s what they are believing and with the legal allowance of insulting or treating anyone bad. In today’s world it’s very generous of the people to help and have the side of women, whenever she is in disadvantage against a man. But it’s also seen in some cases, women are taking this advantage to make their ego satisfied.
It’s a shame to feminism itself.
We’re making feminism as a gender opposite of what we’re actually fighting against, patriarchy.
It’s never an trial of condemning the men.
So, yes more of thought added a different meaning to feminism. To stop that, we must focus to expand the thought among the society and make our media contents gender free, whether it’s appraising male or female, it should be banned. To lead a world without gender discrimination, we have to change the thinking first, we have to accept human as human first.